Following last year's success, the Asociación Gastronómica de Arequipa - AGAR (Arequipa Gastronomy Association) organized the 10h Gastronomy Festival of Arequipa.

In order to improve the image of the festival both locally and nationally, it was decided that, from 2010, its name should be changed from FESTIGLOTÓN to FESTISABORES, a strategy aimed at better representation of the region's different types of cuisine and the reinforcement our sponsors' institutional image. During this grand festival of the senses, then city's leading restaurants will present dishes typical of the city of Arequipa and its surrounding areas as well as new tendencies and culinary fusions involving the cuisine of several countries.

The most renowned professionals in the field of food and drinks, musicians and performers, will all be brought together in one fairground, some presenting us with culinary wonders within everyone's budget while others create a festive atmosphere with their music and entertainment.

Participants will include institutes and other organizations with somelinks to culinary activities, suppliers, food manufacturers, wine and spirits traders, cheese specialists, chocolatiers, manufacturers of sausages and dairy products, bakers and pastrycooks.

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